Mynali is a Canadian company specializing inrecruitment and selection of foreign workers in Tunisia, Brazil, Colombia, France, Egypt, Turkey and other countries.

Transparency - Listening - Know-how - Negotiation

about us

trouver employés selon besoin d’entreprises

Who are we?

A firm from Magog

Who specializes in the management and recruitment of French-speaking and English-speaking foreign workers.

Founding President

Wadie Jaafar

Since 2008, he saw this shortage of manpower coming, distinguished himself by his important implication for selecting the best workers in the world, using integration strategies and solutions with an unique business model.

Solutions for Quebec and Canadian businesses

Our team offers recruitment services for independent international workers.

Mynali is not a personnel placement agency.


Permit CNESST : AR-2000224

Mynali is accredited by the Commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail.

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The selection is very acute by Mynali!

Even tasting the quality!

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Why the Tunisians?

When we say Tunisian, we say competence, transparency, perseverance, punctuality and respect.

Tunisians are great employees who come to Canada for the long term and help us fill our labor shortage.

It is no longer just a matter of labor going to CANADA. The profiles of migrants are senior managers, doctors, teacher-researchers, engineers and other skills:

Their education being similar to canadian’s, it is easier to establish equivalences of their skills here compared to other countries.

travailleurs tunisie